NLL Statement on Goalie Glove Inspection

NLL Statement on Goalie Glove Inspection

The National Lacrosse League has released the following statement regarding the inspection of gloves worn by Colorado Mammoth goaltender Matt Roik that took place in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s home game against the Minnesota Swarm.

“The Crew Chief conducted the equipment inspection of the gloves in the fourth quarter with 6:29 remaining at the request of the Minnesota bench.

“Pursuant to league rules, players can apply for permission to the league to modify equipment standards by demonstrating cause in certain limited cases. The gloves that Matt Roik wore on Saturday, issued and approved in 2010 with the Washington Stealth logo emblazoned on the gloves, were granted an exemption for the 2010 season while he was a member of the Stealth. It is the league’s position that any exemptions do not carry forward from year to year. As such, the gloves were deemed illegal by the game referee.

“Additionally, it should be noted that by league Rule 88.4, the inspection should have taken place immediately following the conclusion of the quarter, and not during the quarter. The rule (88.4 INSPECTION REQUESTS BY COACHES DURING GAME FOR GOALIES ONLY) is listed below:

“Opposing coaches may request the referees to conduct a measurement and contour equipment goalie inspection during the game. Upon said request, which must be made prior to the conclusion of the quarter, the referees shall conduct the inspection immediately following the conclusion of the quarter in which the request was made. All pieces of equipment shall be checked by the official as per Rule 35. Should a request be made and the requested goalie is to be replaced by a substitute goalie, play will be stopped followed by the inspection at that time. Only one goalie shall be measured per stoppage per team.”

Colorado was victorious, 15-9, on Saturday. Roik made 36 saves and allowed just eight goals in 53-plus minutes.

“We’re happy that we won,” said Mammoth president & general manager Steve Govett. “We’re happy that Matt Roik was playing as well as he was playing, and we’re happy that Dan Lewis, when he stepped in, played as well as he played.

“Matt Roik will be wearing approved equipment for this coming weekend. We need to look forward. We’re going to make sure that all of our players have NLL-approved equipment moving forward.”
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