NLL Lacrosse 2010 Gets an 8/10 Review

NLL Lacrosse 2010 (Xbox 360) has just received a near flawless review (8/10) from a gaming website, Carlo Sunseri, the creator of the video game, has developed not only a popular game amongst lacrosse players, but a video game connoisseurs as well.

Kenny Kramer of GoFanBoy states:
"As anyone who’s purchased an Indie title in the past knows, they aren’t always the cleanest looking games. NLL bucks that trend in every way, especially the interface. It’s set up perfectly to represent the sport because you can tell the menus were heavily inspired by layouts of classic hockey videogames. Setting up a game is quick and easy with you shredding the turf in seconds."

Kramer also loves the ferocious checking in the game. The only downside he mentions is the lack of penalties, but doesn't deter from the overall excitement.
"Checking is fun if you’re on the giving end of the exchange, but if you’re receiving, it is a brutal annoyance. One hit and you’re face down on the turf. But outside of the lack of penalties, the game is solid fun."

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