Next One Up Foundation Epitomizes Growing the Game of Lacrosse

Next One Up Foundation Epitomizes Growing the Game of Lacrosse


The Next One Up Foundation was founded by former Johns Hopkins Lacrosse player Matt Hanna. He has been quickly developing the foundation into more than an outlet to play lacrosse. Hanna and the foundation have been molding young men to take responsibility to be the next one up. This form of selflessness has slowly popped up in many areas around the country and world. For instance, CityLax in Denver and NYC, plus Fields of Growth International in Uganda have made great strides to teach lacrosse, while also empowering individuals.

Next One Up from Michael Ivan Schwartz on Vimeo.

The Mission of Next One Up Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, is to enrich the lives of Baltimore City student-athletes by supporting their academic, athletic, and social development through the Lacrosse Leadership Program. One of the core elements of Next One Up Foundation’s mission is to inspire youth to achieve academic success and improved physical and mental health.

Next One Up believes that overall success in life is realized with a balanced and rigorous commitment to being a student, an athlete, and a strong community member. Learn more by visiting and becoming a fan on Facebook.
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