New site launches as a way to help teams raise money

Let’s face it, playing lacrosse can get expensive. But if you run a team or a league that can get to be even more of a burden. Field fees, refs, league fees, goals, and equipment add up. And for some reason no matter how of good a shooting team you are you still manage to go through a case of balls pretty quickly.

That’s why so many teams look for new and creative ways to raise money for their program. A new way to raise money for lacrosse teams just launched: is the idea of Lee Southren and his partners. Southren is better known as the lacrosse agent, having represented some of the top names in the sport. comes from his experience in a different area: parent.

The idea is simple. Users can go to and create an account for their team by e-mailing After doing that you will get a code that you can give directly to your players and their families. acts as an online store. When players log into and purchase any items. At checkout they put in the code for your team and $2.00 of every purchase goes back to your program.

Currently features nine products, including TapouT mouth guards, the MaxXcel training aid, and Adrenaline apparel. The site will be adding additional products in the future.

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Just from the Adrnln socks, they knocked the price up $2 so that money can go to the team?


The Adrenaline socks are being sold through the Universal Lacrosse chain of stores as Adrenaline does not sell direct..
That is the retail price they provided.

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