New Rugburn DVD will Highlight NLL Action

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If you are like us, you have a stack of lacrosse DVDs sitting in your living room. Granted, because there aren’t too many out there, it is a short stack. But for those of you longing for all things lacrosse, there’s a new DVD that will be released this December called RUGBURN. The DVD, which is the brainchild of Chris Fox and Kevin Dostie, will feature action from NLL games. We talked to the duo about the DVD and their experience in making it.

LPG: For starters, can you each give a brief introduction on who you are and your background in lacrosse?

CF: Kevin and I won a Founders Cup (CLA Jr. B) together in 2001. I am currently living in Los Angeles, studying for my Master’s degree in Education at Whittier College, where I'm also the assistant women's lacrosse coach. This will be my third spring season at Whittier. During the 2008 season, I served as the head men's lacrosse coach at my Alma Mater, Wheeling Jesuit University. I graduated from Wheeling in 2006 with a BS in Business and BA in Pre-Law. Since playing in college I have had a few stops in the Sr. loop. I played in the Can-Am league for the Rochester Greywolves, some of the funniest guys I've ever played with, and had great times in the ROC. This past season, I had my first Sr. A action with the Burnaby Lakers in the WLA. The guys on that team made my first summer in Vancouver a great one. I am currently trying to break into the NLL. I am originally from Wallaceburg, Ontario, played minor lacrosse there and played Jr. B with the Wallaceburg Red Devils, and my last two seasons of Jr. with the Sarnia Pacers.

KD: I am currently living in Windsor, Ontario. I am entering my 8th season in the National Lacrosse League (1 with Ottawa, 3 yrs in Calgary, and this is my 4th in Buffalo). I have played lacrosse in Nanaimo, Peterborough, and St Regis of the Major Series Lacrosse League. I played my first two years of Juniors for the Sarnia Pacers Jr. A team, and finished my final three years with the Wallaceburg Red Devils, winning a founders cup in my final season. I am a recent graduate of St Clair College, obtaining my diploma in Horticulture to go along with my diploma in Business Administration from SUNY-Canton where I played for two years. I am originally from Elliot Lake, Ontario, but I have lived and moved all over Canada playing lacrosse. Along the way I’ve met so many incredible people.

LPG: What is the concept behind the RUGBURN DVD? How did you decide to make it?

CF: The concept behind RUGBURN is to bring more exposure to the NLL. We wanted to start up something that involved lacrosse. The camp circuit is over-saturated, apparel has too much over head, and neither one of us are in Ontario enough to run a lacrosse store. So we brainstormed and decided this would work best!

KD: Chris and I were to trying to come up with something unique for the lacrosse community. It will be a great honor to offer this product to all lacrosse fans and players.


LPG: What can viewers expect out of this DVD? What teams/players will be in it? What is the action like?

CF: Viewers can expect an action-packed DVD with all of the best action from the 2009 NLL season. Every team and player is included in on this DVD. If they made an amazing play, they will be on the DVD! We have a lot of footage, so there will not be any room for fluff! The 2009 National Lacrosse League season provided lacrosse fans with an enormous amount of action. We took the best goals, plays, hits, fights, games, and of course cheerleader action, and put it all on one DVD.

KD: The action will be like no other sports DVD out on the market. It will provide all the fast paced action from the 2009 NLL season. If you are a lacrosse fan, you will want to have your own copy.

LPG: What has the process been like in creating this DVD?

CF: The process has been pretty intensive. It has taken roughly about a year. We have been learning along the way. But, we had general business concepts and contacts, so it has been all the behind-the-scenes stuff that has had the biggest learning curve. Things will go much smoother for our next DVD, which will have a different theme.

KD: There are many stages to creating a highlight DVD. This product is a year in the making and has had its stressful moments. Chris and I have been very persistent to get this product out into the market. We are extremely excited and eager to show that our hard work has paid off.

LPG: What was the toughest part in putting this DVD together?

CF: The toughest part of the project has been breaking down every game of the 2009 NLL season, including the All-Star game, and all seven playoff games.

KD: The toughest part has been to figure out the shipping, replication and accounting processes which will be used by the company.

LPG: Based on the product so far, do you have a favorite moment from the DVD?

CF: Nobody "Rips Duck" like these guys, but I am a fan of the "Fist-to-Cuffs"!

KD: Everyone enjoys the goals, and hits, but everybody stands up when the gloves drop.

LPG: Box lacrosse has long been associated with Canada. Do you see box lacrosse growing in the U.S.? Will the U.S. field fan also like this DVD?

CF: I definitely see the box game growing in the U.S.. However, I only see box popping up in certain areas. I know the Minnesota Swarm have started their own box league. I am also pretty familiar with the box leagues in Philadelphia and Colorado. It is hard for box to develop in the U.S.. Insurance seems to be a big issue for most start-up leagues. I think insurance is the main reason most leagues end up playing as "indoor" leagues (no cross checking, no hitting along the boards). U.S. field fans will enjoy the DVD just as much as Canadian box fans. The appreciation may lie in different areas. The DVD highlights the "lacrosse skills" and athleticism showcased in the NLL that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all laxers.

KD: We decided to produce the DVD for all lacrosse fans and players alike. The field fan will be able to relate to all the best field players who have made the hard transition to the indoor game. I don't know much about box lacrosse in the States, but I hope that one day it will be able to resemble the leagues we have in place in Canada. All the while I hope that Canadians will embrace the field game like our American counterpart.

LPG: When is the DVD available?

CF: The DVD will be available mid-December, just in time for Christmas and the start of the 2010 NLL season.

LPG: How can people buy the DVD?

CF: Everyone can buy the DVD though our website (Editor’s note: The DVD is not quite yet available for purchase. You can sign up for updates at or keep visiting Lacrosse Playground and we’ll let you know when it becomes available.)
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This is gonna rock! Had no idea about this dvd.


i got a salmonbelly from just reading this

love gun

I love the NLL, this is gonna be sweet


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