New Professional Indoor Lacrosse League To Launch

The Professional Lacrosse League is a new pro indoor league that will start at the end of September 2012, in four cities. There will be two teams in Pennsylvania (cities to be announced soon), a team in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a team in Jacksonville, Florida.

The names of the teams are:
PA Shamrocks
PA Haymakers
Charlotte Copperheads
Jacksonville Bullies

Each team’s roster will be made up of the best professional US lacrosse players, many who play in the premier outdoor league, Major League Lacrosse, during their summer season. These players come from some of the best college lacrosse programs in the United States, programs such as John Hopkins, Syracuse, Maryland, Notre Dame, Duke; etc. The PLL season will begin in late September after the MLL season concludes.

Each team in PLL will play a twelve (12) game schedule in 2012, with six (6) home games and six (6) away games.

The league will be looking to add teams in expansion for the 2013 season and will be looking for team owners and arenas that have from 4000 seats to 12,000 seats.

The League also announced that they have hired experienced sports executive Brett Vickers, as the League President. Brett will be responsible for the day to day operations of the league which will include negotiations of all expansion, television, sponsorships, public relations and enforcement of league rules such as player discipline.

"I am thrilled to be named the first league executive and the person in charge to lead this league. The league is set up for the top American players to have a chance to play professional indoor lacrosse. We think the fall is a great time to play professional indoor lacrosse because the arenas have the dates open and we will not be interfering with the other two professional lacrosse leagues, the National Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse. We look forward to working closely with those leagues in order to create a schedule that does not interfere with their training camps and league playing schedules", said Vickers.

Vickers also stated "We will be finished by the time the NLL camps open and we hope that many American players can show their skills to Coaches and General managers in the NLL so they have an opportunity to play in that league in the winter."

Chris Milo the owner of the Jacksonville Bullies said that he already has season ticket holders and sponsors ready to go for the 2012 season. "We have been working hard on this the past 12 months and the response in the Jacksonville community has been great. We look forward to dropping the ball and playing games this fall.”

Graham D’Alvia the owner of the Charlotte Copperheads says, "We have most of our player rosters intact and we were pleased to have an exhibition game on March 17th against the Irish All Stars. We were thrilled to have over 2000 fans in attendance to watch this exhibition match.”

Ted Glynn the owner of the Haymakers is working with some arenas in Central Pennsylvania and hopes to make an announcement soon on what city the Haymakers will be calling home. "We first need to get an arena lease for the fall then look for a head coach to put our team together", said Glynn.

The final team the Shamrocks will be looking to play in northeast Pennsylvania. Jim Jennings, former commissioner of the National Lacrosse League has been put in charge of finding a home for the team. The Shamrocks will be owned by Joe Deluca a New Jersey native, and Ron Costello, an insurance executive form Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Future announcements will be forthcoming regarding, a national television partner, the league schedule, college draft, and expansion franchises for 2013.

About the Professional Lacrosse League
The professional lacrosse league is a professional indoor lacrosse league which currently has four (4) teams. The four (4) teams are; the PA Shamrocks, PA Haymakers, Charlotte Copperheads, and Jacksonville Bullies. The league plays a twelve (12) game schedule from the end of September, 2012 until the beginning of December, 2012. Many top US college lacrosse players will play in the league. For more, visit
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They couldn’t just add these teams to the NLL instead?


They couldn’t just add these teams to the NLL instead?


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