New "Pro" Mouthguard from Defender

LPG has the exclusive image of the "Pro" mouthguard from Defender. The Black padding is an additional 1mm layer, for enhanced concussion protection. As Defender previously stated, rather than adding the layer all the way around, Defender only adds it to the occlusive surfaces near the molars to maximize comfort, and protection.

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NICE! Defender made me a custom mouthguard in Trilogy colors for braces. It fits so well that a ref told me last night to get my mouthguard in or get off the field. I just smiled and showed him my Defender. He could not believe I had it in my mouth since I was talking so clearly to my d-poles and to him. I wish I could have taken a picture of the stupid look on his face. A mouthguard that costs more than $100? Well it makes refs look stupid, it makes you forget that you have a mouthguard in, let’s you bark out orders without a problem, makes it easy to breath and looks just plain SICK! You be the judge, I say it is worth every dollar.

Lance Gibson

Lance, agreed! These are the bomb.

duncan sheik

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