New Podcasts: Messiah, Bishop Chatard, Washington & Lee, 2 Wolves, Limestone, and DePauw

New Podcasts: Messiah, Bishop Chatard, Washington & Lee, 2 Wolves, Limestone, and DePauw

The Lacrosse Playground Podcast Network presented by Epoch is chugging along to Christmas and the 2023 spring season.

New episodes of the Coach’s Companion have arrived to Apple and Spotify.

Have you listened to all four?

Drake Porter - Messiah and Goaliesmith

Luke Karnick - Bishop Chatard (IN) and Midwest Express

A two guest episode with Drake Porter and Luke Karnick.

Drake Porter is in his first year as an assistant at Messiah after being a starting goalie at Syracuse. We discussed his path to the position, the biggest mistake young goalies make, what goalies should be doing this winter, and what he's noticed about evaluating defensive talent.

Luke Karnick (23:54) is in his first year as head coach of Bishop Chatard in Indianapolis. We discussed some of his biggest influences, his focus on culture building, the rise of lacrosse in Indianapolis and his role as co-director of the Midwest Express club program.

Will Garrett - Washington & Lee

New Washington & Lee offensive coordinator Will Garrett joins the show to discuss his NAIA experiences, his approach to getting acclimated to a new roster and new coaching role, how he elevates stick work, and recruiting to W&L.

Nate Webber - DePauw

Brendan Storrier - Limestone

First up, Nate Webber assistant coach at DePauw.

We discussed his first year in collegiate coaching which began this spring, how his recruiting process has evolved since his first time on the road this summer, how his role as a defensive middie at D2 U Indy informs his coaching, and his approach to working with the Midwest Express club program.

Our second interview is with Limestone head coach Brendan Storrier (29:50).

Coach is in his second year leading the Saints after three seasons as head coach of Mars Hill and he spent eight years as an assistant at Limestone prior to that.

We covered the growth and development of Division 2 since his playing days at Limestone, the progress he made at Mars Hill, how he would grade year one at Limestone, the challenges of managing a very large roster, how he hired his new assistants and a lot more.

Jack Kensil - 2 Wolves

2 Wolves founder Jack Kensil breaks down his first fall ball coaching at his alma mater, St. Anthony's, crossover between men's and women's game, navigating through a fake slide, and his upcoming clinic in Indianapolis.

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