New Podcast Episodes: Navy, Taft, Bolles, Farmingdale, University of Georgia

New Podcast Episodes: Navy, Taft, Bolles, Farmingdale, University of Georgia

We're now up to thirteen episodes.

Which one has been your favorite so far?

Episode 10

Navy head coach Joe Amplo discusses the differences between coaching at Marquette and the Naval Academy, the drill he still uses from Marquette, Cone of Silence, defending the two man game, and what he looks for when recruiting future defensive middies.

In our second interview, Taft head coach Nic Bell (14:57) joins us to detail their approach social media, the path to Taft for perspective student athletes, how technology makes their lives easier, and his strategy for calling the offense on game day.

Episode 11

On this Florida High school state playoff episode, Bolles head coach Tom West comes back on the show to discuss their season finale with Jacksonville Episcopal, attacking a zone defense, and preparing for the aforementioned state playoffs.

We then dive into the Florida club scene and his involvement with the Florida Crabs.

Episode 12

University of Georgia head coach Holin Axley joins us next to discuss his head coaching debut which was spread out over essentially two seasons due to a covid abbreviated 2021 campaign.

There's a big zone defense segment because that's what Florida State threw at them in the conference tournament a couple weeks back.

We also spent some time talking about his experience playing D3 lacrosse at Piedmont before transferring to Georgia and how he talks about those experiences with prospective Dawgs.

Episode 13

Farmingdale head coach Mike Hungerford talks about the importance of the #40 jersey to the Farmingdale lacrosse community.

We discussed what makes Nassau County lacrosse so good, what advice he would give to a coach from a non traditional area trying to have success on the Island, working with young and advanced goalies, and briefly touched on their Saturday game against Massapequa.

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