New Minnesota company says keeping your vision clear is NoSweat

New Minnesota company says keeping your vision clear is NoSweat

After watching their stepfather cut up sweatbands and affix them inside his hockey helmet in multiple failed efforts to keep sweat out of his eyes, Minnesota brothers J.T. and Justin Johnson figured there had to be a better way to ensure clear vision during physical activity. Such was the inspiration behind the development of NoSweat, the latest must-have accessory found inside countless hockey, football, baseball, lacrosse and other sports equipment bags in 2012.

Developed over the course of nearly five years of research and trials, NoSweat is the first peel-and-stick disposable sweat absorber designed to fit inside any LID – a hockey helmet, baseball cap, bike helmet, camo hunting cap, etc. NoSweat soaks up perspiration before it gets to your face, preventing blurred vision, burning eyes and even helps reduce fogged facemasks.

“We’ve been doing physical activities that involve hats and helmets all of our lives, on the hockey rink, on the ski slope, on the baseball diamond, even in the duck blind, so the idea for NoSweat was truly born out of our personal experiences,” said Justin Johnson, co-founder of NoSweat. “The response we’ve gotten has been great, with dozens of teams and countless athletes using No Sweat to get a clearer look at the world around them.”

Using a patented design and one-of-a-kind Dri-LID technology, NoSweat absorbs perspiration and keeps the line of vision clear.

NoSweat is for sale in popular three-packs at sporting goods retailers throughout the region, and Total Hockey stores are helping players gear up for the coming season by offering a free trial pack of NoSweat with every new hockey helmet purchased. College and professional football and hockey teams have also sampled NoSweat, with athletes benefitting from clear vision provided by this lightweight, breathable sweat-stopper.

“Our stepfather Chad was a hockey referee, and we watched him struggle for years trying to keep his vision clear on the ice,” said J.T. Johnson. “He felt that sweatbands were too bulky and were a pain to constantly clean. Chad needed something that was thin, disposable and easy-to-use. When we started developing test product, we jokingly asked him what we should call it. He smiled and said, ‘NoSweat.’”

For more information, check out NoSweat’s introductory YouTube video, or visit their popular Facebook Page. NoSweat can also be found on Twitter via @NoSweatCo.
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