New LXM Pro Music Announced

You are well aware now that the premier band for this weekend's LXM Pro Tour date is Carolina Liar. Two Austin local bands will also hit the stage. Here is the scoop on all three.

Who is Carolina Liar? At the center of the post-punk group is Charleston, South Carolina native Chad Wolf. A singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Wolf fell under the spell of new wave through his older sister’s record collection. He located to Los Angeles at the age of 22, earning a living doing whatever odd jobs he could (which included being an extra in a Celine Dion video) and eventually landing an internship with songwriter Diane Warren, who helped Wolf refine and sharpen his writing skills.

The story might have ended there if Wolf hadn’t agreed to housesit for a friend who just happened to know famed Swedish record producer Max Martin. Martin heard one of Wolf’s songs and asked to hear additional samples, and soon Wolf found himself in Stockholm recording an album with one of Europe’s biggest pop produc- ers. He was also backed by an all-Swedish band of Jim Almgren Gandara on guitar, Johan Carlsson on keyboards, Rickard Goransson on guitar, Max Grahn on drums, and Erik Haager on bass. Christened Carolina Liar, the band, with Wolf handling lead vocals, released a debut album, Coming to Terms, on Atlantic Records in 2008.

Carolina Liar has received national exposure with songs featured on Gossip Girl, The Hills, and FOX Sports 2009 MLB All-Star Game. They are also featured on Vampire Diaries, 90210, Greek, The T.O. Show and even on Ameri- can Idol. With mass appeal, their music has spread across the country, captivating tween’s from coast to coast.

The two bands jumping on stage before Carolina Liar are L.A.X. and The Bright Light Social Hour.

L.A.X. began in 2005 with andrew Collins and erin “Dancin” Jantzen. starting as an electro duo from austin, TX they emerged from the house party scene and shaped their sound into a dance hybrid of house/r&B/Pop.

The BriGhT LiGhT soCiaL hoUr is an american indie rock band from austin, Texas. Born out of a university art-rock collective, The Bright Light social hour has evolved into an unabashedly wide-screen rock group, melding classic rock energy and dynamics with funk, soul, and experimental influences. hybrid of house/r&B/Pop.

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