New Lacrosse Company Specializes in PRO Strung Heads

New Lacrosse Company Specializes in PRO Strung Heads

One Tribe Lacrosse is a brand spanking new company who specializes in selling PRO Strung lacrosse heads and other lacrosse gear like shafts, mesh, stringing kits, and more. By now, you're probably wondering what a PRO Strung head is exactly. One Tribe Lacrosse describes it as:

The new and improved pre-strung lacrosse head. Our PRO Strung lacrosse heads are strung by current or former college lacrosse players and stick gurus. Each pocket is strung specially for each type of head to provide optimal performance. We use our own top-quality mesh in every one of our PRO Strung lacrosse heads. Additionally, our stringers will begin the break-in process allowing you to use your lacrosse head right out of the box. Forget the factory strung lacrosse heads from the big box stores. A majority of them are strung with inferior mesh, by people who’ve never played lacrosse in their life. Step your game up and try out a PRO Strung head from One Tribe Lacrosse.

Included within this post are three pictures of their bestselling head, a Patriotic themed Cobra X. This is a tiny example of what the company can produce for you or your entire team. Click the link at the top of the post to purchase the head.

Visit today to see what all of the fuss is about.

About One Tribe Lacrosse
One Tribe Lacrosse was started back in 2008 by a college lacrosse player in a closet-sized dorm room. What seemed like an obvious way to earn some extra money as a cash-strapped college student, soon transformed into a full-time business. Although we have grown since our beginnings in 2008, we are still a relatively small company and we take pride in every single product that we send out our doors. Before a product is offered to our customers, we use it ourselves to make sure that it’s something we’re proud of. Offering top quality products and great customer service are, and always will be our top priorities.
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