New Developments On Easton Lacrosse Helmet

Easton-Bell Sports, a powerhouse in hockey, baseball, football, snow, motorsports and cycling, recently acquired Talon Lacrosse to form the basis of their lacrosse division. At the recent US Lacrosse Convention, Easton Lacrosse was showing their new line of shafts and their universal spec head appropriately called the Launch. But the product that had everyone buzzing was the one they only unveiled to a few select groups. I’m referring to Easton’s new lacrosse helmet.

On the heels of increasing trade show floor rumors, Lacrosse Playground was one of the lucky few to get a behind the scenes look at Easton’s new lacrosse helmet. All in, Easton is the largest manufacturer of helmets in the world, as they design and market hockey helmets, Riddell football helmets, Bell cycling and motorsports helmets, and Giro cycling and snow helmets. With that much background in sports helmet design and development, it’s hard not to expect anything less than a killer lacrosse helmet from Easton. And if what we saw is an indication of what is to come (we were assured that it was basically the final production model that they’ll be offering), these guys could make some serious waves in the lacrosse helmet market.

We can’t tell you very much about it as the company is keeping it under wraps, but we were very impressed with what we saw.

I’m sure Cascade will be vying to keep their extremely strong hold on the market, but this helmet could make things interesting. After meeting a few of the faces behind Easton and their lacrosse division, I can see that they aren’t just another big company messing around in lacrosse like other brands have tried to do and grab an easy share of the market based on brand name in a totally different sport. Easton wants to bring real, useful products to the market, not just fill some “lacrosse manufacturer” model. They have the resources, now they have the lacrosse savvy – we say to get into your local lax shop and check them out as soon as they come in. The heads and shafts will be in the stores in February. The helmet and a new line of protective are expected to be ready in May for October delivery into retail and online stores.

So, in the meantime, let the requests for helmet pics and specifics begin. Sorry, folks – it’ll still be a little longer before we can give you the full scoop. Be sure to check back to Lacrosse Playground regularly – you never know when they may turn up!

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