NALL's Open Letter to its Fans

NALL's Open Letter to its Fans

(OCEAN, NJ) - We are happy with the issuance of a federal court order prohibiting false statements from continuing about our season status. The North American Lacrosse League shall commence its first season, known as the “Pro Invitational Season”, on January 21 in Kentucky. The excitement begins with the Kentucky Stickhorses hosting the visiting guest team known as Jersey Jesters.

Because of the recent suspension, termination or abandonment of former teams, the NALL is now a league of three member clubs who will play competitive lacrosse against each other and against other visiting pro teams. The teams are known as the Kentucky Stickhorses, The Lehigh Valley Flying Dutchmen and the Boston Rockhoppers. We are in discussions with other groups who have interest in potentially joining our league, and we are hopeful that new teams will be added soon.

We wish to also remind you that:

1. The League is fully funded and continues to operate according to its original plan.
2. The League staff including its acting commissioner and league counsel, chief finance officer, and director of league operations and technology and media director remains in place.
3. We intend to stop the defendants from playing under the NALL name, as they are not the NALL. We are the NALL.

We apologize for the recent events which were beyond our control and unforeseeable. Unfortunately we have no control over how they intend to deal with tickets sold or other team activities. Those of you affected must contact the owners directly, as they are no longer involved with this League.

Thanks for your patience and loyalty, and stay tuned to this website which remains under the control of the one and only NALL.
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