NALL to Hold National Combine

NALL to Hold National Combine

SOMERVILLE, NJ (November 30, 2011)- The North American Lacrosse League will hold their 2011 National Combine on Sunday, December 11 at Clover hill Auditorium in Richmond, Virginia.

The Charlotte Copperheads, Jacksonville Bullies, Kentucky Stickhorses, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Shamrocks and the Hershey Haymakers will all select players in the combine. A college draft was held in October for each team, but the combine is where most players will be evaluated and signed for the upcoming season.

”As far as US Indoor Lacrosse we are very excited to host this event, to see the growth of Indoor Lacrosse throughout the years, and ultimately have an event to showcase the players talents is satisfying beyond words,” said Graham D’Alvia, owner of USIL and the Charlotte Copperheads. “The combine serves as one of the most important and valuable tools to us. To be able to evaluate players on the turf and meet them personally is essential while forming our teams.”

The combine will show off players’ skills and strong points such as agility testing, indoor lacrosse drills, scrimmage play and an invitational Pro-Am game. It gives the coaches from each team the chance to see what each player can bring to their team for their 2012 season.

"I am looking forward to the National Combine, there are several players I have not seen who will be there,” said Tom Ryan, Head coach of the Charlotte Copperheads. “ It is the last chance for players to get in front of the NALL coaches and GMs. It’s a great opportunity for the teams to fill roster spots."

“We are looking forward to seeing some great players at the combine,” said Barry Powless, Head Coach of the Shamrocks. “We plan on picking a good majority of our team from the players there.”

The NALL kicks off their 2012 season in January and will continue through April. For more information, or to apply to participate in the National Combine, visit
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