NALL Announces Top Draft Picks

NALL Announces Top Draft Picks

SOMERVILLE, NJ (October 12, 2011)- The North American Lacrosse League announced last night the draft picks for their 2012 season.

The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Shamrocks picked first and chose David Earl from Notre Dame. Barney Ehrmann was picked first for the Hershey Haymakers. The Kentucky Stickhorses chose Brian Caufield. Brett Schmidt was chosen first for the Charlotte Copperheads. The Jacksonville Bullies chose Bobby Stockton from Jacksonville University.

The rest of the picks for the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Shamrocks were Jeremy Boltus, Josh Amidon, Kevin Kaminski, Matt Stefurak, and John Lade. The Hershey Haymakers added Travis Reed, Dan Hostetler, Jack Dudley, Nick Elsmo, and Chris Hunt to their picks. Taylor Embery, Max Schmidt, Brian Farrell, Jovan Miller, and Porter McKay were the picks for the Kentucky Stickhorses. The Jacksonville Bullies chose Thomas Compitello, Scott Perri, Joel White, Adam Rand, and Billy Bittler as their picks. The Charlotte Copperheads chose Ryan Flanagan, John Galloway, Patrick Smith, Grant Catalino, and Thomas Langan as their draft picks.

Each of the five teams held separate draft parties in their own local towns. For more information, please contact Selina Reda at 610.330.9500 or at
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