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It's about that time of the year when kids are debating about whether to listen to there parents about going outside, or to continue on playing their video game and call in that air strike to kill off a bunch of guys to win a match.  Well, have I got a treat for you guys today.  This opportunity, and even this possibility of a game, unlike College Lacrosse 2010/2011, would be decided and built entirely by the fans, and for the fans.  How does that sound?  Let me allow that to sink in a little.  Are you done yet?  Let me continue.  Have you ever been playing a game, especially a sports related game, and I know you have, and many elements of the game just piss you off and you wish in the next game they would change it and they never do no matter how much ANYONE complains about it?  Well, with this opportunity, before anything is ever created, the fans will have full control over what is created, and even what all is going into the game.  Of course the gaming engine itself can only do so many things, and complete so many tasks because it's just a game guys!  Nevertheless, MyLacrosseVideoGame.Com is creating a unique opportunity, headed by Tom Kessler, that will allow everyone to have a say in what goes into this wonderful game if enough people get involved!

It will cover the main consoles at first, being Xbox 360 and PS3, which will be nice, and the owners of MLVG have played D1 lacrosse, so they know a considerable amount about the sport.  However, the best aspect about this situation is the fact that YOU are the ultimate boss and the most important element in this entire equation.  How does that make you feel right now?  Pretty dang important, right?  Good!  The game will be an NCAA based game, and will be licensed as such.  One of the biggest questions would be, who is going to make this wonderful game?  Well, after enough monetary support is made, membership wise, we will, as a membership community, will invite bids from the development companies to make the game.  Then, as a community we will decide, and when I say we, I am including me because I will be working alongside everyone and helping Tom out as well, who will be constructing this marvel.  The key element of this entire project will be, whom ever we choose will have to work alongside all of us, and include all key features in the entire game, note how I mentioned all the elements that piss you off in the games you play?  Those won't be in this game, or at least will be limited because gaming engines, or games can only do so much as technology is limited only by how far we have advanced up to this point, but I believe we could have a pretty spectacular game created.

As mentioned, membership fees go entirely into the development of the game, legal fees, marketing, and other aspects that are vital to the organization of this project as a whole.  Some specific input taken from the MLVG  website that an individual, and basically the community will have in the game will be:

  • Controller commands

  • Game functionality

  • Game Play

  • Type of shots a player can make

  • Types of checks a player will throw

  • What offense can be run

  • What defensive schemes can be run

  • What music will be played

  • What sponsors will get involved

  • Much more!

You will also have the opportunity to take part in contests for logo designs, the name of the game, and even specific development ideas for which winning members will get credit in the final game.  Now that sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

The membership I was talking about will work as stated:

For now, membership is FREE.  At a later date,  will host a 90 day window in which we will race against time to sign up 25,000 members on a full membership.  This will give us enough support and capital to get started.

IMPORTANT: will not charge anyone’s credit card unless 25,000 members sign up. Think of it a little like how Kickstarter works.

If MLVG does not reach 25,000 members in the 90 day period, no one will get charged a single cent.

There isn't a specific pricing plan yet on the membership, but one will be decided upon once everything gets underway.  Moreover, one question some people may ask as well is, what if the game doesn't get produced?  Well, then, we tried as best we could and depending on the circumstances, we just couldn't make it happen.  I don't see that happening though!

If you would like to be considered as a sponsor for, please contact Anthony Conroy at

As always, people may wonder who is entirely behind this amazing idea!  Please feel free to check out the entire group behind the amazing opportunity, and feel free to contact me with any questions, and I can pass them on!
Always remember, if you need you contact me, shoot me an email at or @TheRealHag on Twitter. Lax on my fellow Summer Laxers! Enjoy the rays of sunshine...



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