My Lacrosse Video Game Update

My Lacrosse Video Game is making big moves since the news first broke weeks ago about their plans to create a new, innovative game for all the tremendous lacrosse players, and even non-lacrosse players in the world.  Well, I figured it was just about time to update everyone on what was going on in the world of MLVG, and while it may not be anything close to the Wonka Chocolate Factory, which I am still looking for a damn gold ticket, MLVG is looking to make their rounds all Summer near you!  The biggest talk has been all about the controls, concepts, graphics, and overall feel of what the game should be.  After all, the game is being developed and created for you, and by you the FANS!  I have read the majority of the ideas and they range in difference in controls from something like:

  • FIFA like controls

  • NHL like controls

  • Controls close to Call of Duty with different layout options, dodge buttons, spin button, everything you would expect to do in a real game

Graphics were a big concern as well because who would want to play a game that has poor graphics, and nothing looks as it should?  I sure as heck wouldn't!  In fact, it was discussed that the field of play should be detailed to give the gameplay the ultimate experience, if not a tremendous sense of pride, and the players should look very real, along with the details of the sticks, helmets, and other elements being as real and clear as they should be to complete the overall gaming experience as a whole.  I believe these are all great ideas, and if you guys are creating a game right from the start, why wouldn't you want all these elements packed into the game!

Different modes were brought up in discussion, from dynasty, to season, to create a player mode, which who doesn't love creating their own player?  In speaking with TK (Tom Kessler) we discussed other options of what the game could be in the future as well, but that can be discussed as the forum continues to grow with more and more ideas!  I am enjoying the vast ideas the forum members are coming up with, and MLVG definitely values every fans input, and the great thing about this project is that the input is still needed to help propel it as MLVG still needs ideas and members to sign up.

As you are reading this, please be sure to go to the forums to sign up and start reading and discussing the various topics to give your ideas.  Who knows, maybe your idea will be the one that everyone falls in love with and you are carried away on an elephant and fanned off by adoring women!  Ok, so maybe that won't happen, but your idea truly could be picked, but what's even more exciting is the fact that with the more people that sign up and the more that like MLVG's Facebook account, the more giveaways they will have.  These guys just have generous hearts, and just love to show how much they appreciate each and every keystroke you guys are putting out for them!

Some of you guys may have already seen them as some tournaments handing out some swag, and if you have, you may have seen some of the great shirts they have.  Well, in case you haven't, I have some pictures for some shirts they will have on sale for $15 a shirt, and I have pictures of those.  I have a link for other gear they have for sale here...

The giveaway MLVG will be doing is at every 500 likes, so be sure to pay attention to their Facebook because they have been giving stuff away already and you don't want to miss out!  They have some Warrior Evo3 heads to give out and some other Warrior gear, so you guys better get over to MLVG's FB and like them!

Lacrosse Playground will be having their own little giveaway here soon with some MLVG shirts, two of the lime green, and two of the pink will be given away.  I will choose two males and two females to receive these shirts, so stay tuned to LPG's Facebook!

As always, if you need anything feel free to email me at or shoot me a message via Twitter @TheRealHag
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