Must-have iPhone apps for the laxer

With today’s laxer always on the go, we decided to take a look at 5 must-have iPhone Apps a lacrosse player has to have. 


Yeah, we hate that person at the gym too. You know, the one that talks on their cell phone while on the treadmill. LOUDLY. Well, we’ve found the only acceptable use of a phone in the gym: FitPhone’s iPhone app.

For anyone serious about training, the FitPhone is the best way to track your workouts. You can entered your workouts, including reps, weights, times, and more. You can categorize your workouts, track your results, display a graph with your results, and email your results. It even allows you to track your body measurements, including muscle gain or weight loss, depending on what you are going for. 


ESPN Podcenter
So practice ran long and you didn’t make it home in time to catch SportsCenter? No need to wait for 11.    The ESPN Podcenter keeps you up to date on all the latest in sports, featuring podcasts from some of its most popular television and radio shows.   

And the best part of this one? No download. Just open your iPhone Safari browser and go to: 

Update your status from practice! OK, maybe that is a bit extreme, but the Facebook App opens a whole new world of Facebook use beyond the walls of your home.  This app has been around for a while, but we still think it is valuable. Like ESPN, nothing to download here. Just go to the link below while on your phone.


My Little Black Book
Are you juggling so many chicks that you can’t remember who is who, where you went, or whether you liked them? If so, lucky you. But also, the “My Little Black Book” to try to keep track of everything. You can enter your content, rate them, enter and enter notes about them. You  can add information about your dates, rate your dates, tag them, and even search for past dates (maybe the girl you know you went to the movies with but forgot her name). 

Just another step to make sure you’re an efficient player on and off the field.


Shazam is probably one of the coolest iPhone apps out there. You know you’ve been in the car before and heard a song on the radio, loved it, and have no idea who it’s by. Problem solved. Shazam allows you to hold your iPhone up to a song that is playing and it will tell you what the song is and who is singing it. Then you can buy the song, organize it, or share it. 

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Shazaammm…well said. Can’t stand those guys on the treamill. These apps are tight, sonnn.


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