Move Over Spotify, Get to Know Songza

Move Over Spotify, Get to Know Songza

When we first introduced you to Spotify in July we thought it was the bee's knees. After careful consideration, we're going to have to upgrade to Songza. Not only is Songza run by the guys who created Amie Street, but it is also kept in motion by a former lacrosse player.

How is Songza different? It combines the best of Pandora and Spotify. Yup, you can't pick songs like Pandora, but you can choose playlists centered around activities, which is similar to Spotify's playlists. Subsequently, you can share the playlists with your friends. One set-back is that the newly released apps for the iPhone and Droids are brand new! So, obviously there are going to be problems, which are cuurrently being ironed out.

You can visit their website to start listening to already curated playlists or go ahead and get the app for Droids and iPhones today.
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