More player exclusive gloves from Brine

Lacrosse Playground has more pictures of some player exclusive gloves from Brine. These gloves were made for some of the players on the Brine R&D team and you may be seeing them at a MLL game near you this summer. In fact, there are two pairs of gloves for Kenny Nims pictured below. Be sure to check out the MLL All-Star Game skills competition this Thursday to see if they bring him good luck.

We've included photos below but there's also a gallery at the bottom. Click on a thumbnail at the bottom to see a large version of the gloves.

Chazz Woodson - Thriller


Kenny Nims - Shakedown



Kevin Leveille - Shakedown


Chris Passavia - Vengeance


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These are absolutely sick, especially the Thriller gloves.


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i saw these things recently at a lacrosse camp in La Moyna. dude these things are BEAST


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