MoGo Sport Announces Partnership with MLL All-Star Matt Danowski

MoGo Sport Announces Partnership with MLL All-Star Matt Danowski

Wilton, CT - July 18, 2011 - MoGo Sport, the exclusive maker of flavored mouthguards, announced today a partnership with MLL all-star and award-winning collegiate lacrosse player Matt Danowski. MoGo Sport will be Danowski's official on-field mouthguard provider.

"As soon as I tasted the flavor technology, I was hooked", says Danowski. "MoGo truly has something no other mouthguard company does. I'll never wear another brand again."

"We are thrilled to partner with Matt, an all-star athlete with great personal integrity," says Bruce Angus, Chief Executive Office at MoGo Sport. "MoGo Sport admires and shares his commitment to our local athletes, and we look forward to supporting him on the field and at local camps and clinics."

Danowski will enhance his playing experience by wearing a Lemon, Fruit Punch, Mint or Orange flavored MoGo mouthguard. Danowski will get great taste game after game and all the protection and comfort he needs.

About MoGo Sport LLC

MoGo Sport, headquartered in Wilton, CT has the following mission: Completely change the athlete's experience of wearing a mouthguard. MoGo mouthguards use revolutionary flavor technology that allows MoGo to place flavor into plastic. The flavor is not coated or sprayed on the plastic; it is imbedded into the plastic and the flavor lasts game after game after game...

All flavors and materials are from natural ingredients, FDA compliant, BPA free and have passed all FDA toxicity tests. Exceptional design allows for maximum comfort, performance, protection and breathability.

For more information please visit or contact us at
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