MLL Partners with OdorBalance

MLL Partners with OdorBalance

BOSTON, Mass. (Tuesday, February 28, 2012)– Major League Lacrosse (MLL), the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, announced Tuesday a new partnership with OdorBalance, which was founded by Chesapeake Bayhawks attackman Drew Westervelt. OdorBalance provides a long lasting solution to prevent athletic equipment and apparel from developing foul odors and will be used by MLL equipment managers and key players this season.

“We’re excited to get behind Drew and his team at OdorBalance to raise awareness about these great new products,” said MLL’s Kerry Pucillo. “The feedback that MLL teams and players provide will be a valuable testament to the benefits and results OdorBalance products can provide. Many of our fans are families with active lifestyles which include parents and children with a multitude of athletic activities where their equipment and apparel could benefit from an odor preventative regimen and treatment plan.”

“I’m extremely confident in this product and am thrilled to partner with Major League Lacrosse,” said Westervelt, who has been working on the OdorBalance product for over two years. “The idea for OdorBalance stemmed from parents’ horror stories of lacrosse equipment developing funky smells over time. Our products address these odors and provide long-term protection while remaining eco friendly and fragrance free.”

OdorBalance offers four products: Two concentrated liquid solutions, a laundry detergent and a spray that work together to remedy the often foul smelling stench of athletic equipment and apparel that develops over time.

Westervelt says most cleaning products on the market simply mask the source of the problem through topical sprays, which are placed on dirty surfaces. “Protection elements have to be applied to a clean surface, and OdorBalance provides a high end detergent which works in conjunction with a bonding agent that protects your equipment and apparel for an extended period of time.”

The active ingredients in OdorBalance form a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer which bonds to the treated athletic gear, apparel and equipment which keeps odors from forming. It provides long-lasting odor protection while extending the life of expensive sports enthusiasts’ products. For more information on the OdorBalance products, visit
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