New Wave Lacrosse Promo has Deeper Meaning

New Wave Lacrosse Promo has Deeper Meaning

New Wave Lacrosse Promo has Deeper Meaning

New Wave's commercial delivers a sense of what lacrosse is and should always be about. Lacrosse is a way of life that brings people in and acts as a support system. The speech used for the video was given by Sen. Ted Kennedy as a Eulogy for Robert Kennedy in 1968.

New Wave provides an explanation of the video:

Lacrosse, as many of us know, isn't just a sport. It's not just a game, it doesn't end when the clock expires or the whistle blows. It lives in us. It grows with us. Many of the relationships forged through this sport will last us our entire lives. Lacrosse is a way of life. A brotherhood of sorts.

About New Wave
New Wave Lacrosse is the premiere, high caliber and high quality organization in the Illinois Lacrosse community. Our program utilizes a highly skilled, passionate, dedicated and knowledgable Hall of Fame coaching staff to consistently transform young athletes into high caliber collegiate competitors. With a challenging, inspiring program and extensive lacrosse networks across the country, we aim to help our athletes reach their collegiate, personal and athletic goals. We are headquartered in Naperville, Illinois but serve dozens of suburbs all over the Chicagoland area. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the Midwest and New Wave has embraced the task of helping Illinois excel at it.
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>literally have kids from the city of Chicago play for their club team

>other kids from over 30 cities identified as ‘Chicago-land’ on club team

>no other significant club team closer to Chicago

>“if you don’t live in Chicago you better not ever identify with the Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, the Skyline or anything related to Chicago”

>projecting this hard

>being this insecure

>being this mad

Step it up pleb


The speech used was actually spoken by Senator Edward Kennedy as a Eulogy for Robert Kennedy in 1968. The parts of the speech that quoted RFK were actually from his Speech in South Africa in 1966, on the “Day of Affirmation” , a historical milestone in that country’s history. While RFK’s famous Mindless Menace of Violence Speech is inspiring and moving, it was not used for this video.


I’m gonna bet not a single New Wave player lives within 20 miles of the City of Chicago yet they try and rep Chicago so hard that it’s nauseating


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