Millon Lacrosse Announces 2014 Camp Dates And New Locations

Millon Lacrosse Announces 2014 Camp Dates And New Locations

Long Island, NY –November 20, 2013 - Millon Lacrosse, the nation’s premier provider of youth lacrosse instruction is proud to be celebrating its 20 year anniversary in 2014. Launched in 1994 Millon lacrosse has attracted over 25,000 athletes from across the United States and as far away as Australia, China, and England.  Since its inception,   Millon lacrosse has been built on instruction, development, and fun while featuring great facilities and consistently delivering incredible coaching staffs.

“I have seen a lot of camps come and go over 20 years. I think the primary reason for the success and longevity my camps have had is the simple fact that since the first day I launched I have done it with the utmost integrity when it comes to instruction. The fact is, as a camp director teaching is difficult, rolling the balls out for the kids to play games is easy. Twenty years later I refuse to take the easy way out and parents know that. I take it personal and that’s why I spend so much time out on the fields each week”. Said Mark Millon, Director of Millon camps.

The 2014 camp dates include a move over to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst for our New England site, a “half day” day camp option on Long Island, and an end of the summer Elite camp designed for our most talented campers.  Millon lacrosse coaches are directly hired by the camp director and are chosen not solely on their playing ability but on their teaching ability and their ability to connect to and develop young athletes. They are trained each morning on the skills that will be focused on that day.


“The thing kids get from well run camps is a significant focus on individual skills. How to split dodge, how to shoot, throw checks and so on. When all you do is play on teams there simply isn’t enough time to do this type of work. The focus is on team related concepts, riding, clearing, man-up, man-down etc. Young players can’t forget about these key building blocks to success” said Millon


Ohio                                       June 15-19, 2014 @ Ohio Wesleyan University 

Long Island I                         June 28-July 3 2014 @ Stony Brook University

Baltimore                               July 6-10 2014 @ St. Paul's School (Day only)

Massachusetts                       July 7-11 2014 @ University of Massachusetts

Long Island II                        July 14-18 2014 @ Farmingdale State College 

Long Island III                        July 21-25 2014 @ Farmingdale State College

Pennsylvania                          July 27-31 2014 @ George School, Newtown, PA

Long Island IV                        August 4-8 2014 @Commack, NY (Half day, age 9-14)

*Millon Elite                         *August 1-3, 2014 @ Newtown, PA (invite only)


About Millon Lacrosse Camps

Millon Lacrosse Camp continues to be regarded as THE #1 instructional camp in the U.S., providing an ideal balance of the most complete individual instruction, full-field play, and fun.    At the end of each session, campers will receive a free Warrior stick of their choice, a 2-disc instructional DVD set, and a personalized evaluation and improvement plan. Registration is now open for all 2014 Millon Lacrosse Camp sessions in Long Island, NY, Massachusetts, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  For more information or to register for any of our sessions, visit , or contact us at 516-747-7260.
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