Michigan State University --- Pink Jerseys For A Cure

It's always inspiring when a Lacrosse team does something for the greater good of a community or someone in need. I was inspired and in awe to say the least when I heard that Michigan State's lacrosse team played a game in Support The Cure jerseys (made by Alleson) and donated their funds to find a cure for breast cancer. “I think it is extremely important for the players to learn the value of giving back and supporting the community at-large. So, while we are always doing fundraisers to help support our own program (we don't receive funding from the university), it is also important that we support worthwhile programs outside of MSU.” Dwayne Hicks, MSUs head coach, states in his original letter and PR notice.

So why did the team decide to donate their funds to breast cancer? “Our assistant coach's wife was diagnosed with the disease last September and we wanted to help in some way.” Help indeed they did, MSU raised and donated $4,500 dollars! This isn’t the first or last game Michigan State will be playing where they will donate their funds to a charity. In previous years they have donated to Ashley's Dream. Ashley's Dream is a foundation set up by the parents and friends of Ashley Easterbrook (http://www.ashleysdream.org/scholarships/index.html) to help give scholarships to deserving young men and women and on April 14th against Central Michigan University they will be having another charity game.

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Special thanks to Dwayne Hicks and best of luck to Michigan State's men's lacrosse team!

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