Miami-Dade County Needs Your Help

An issue has risen from the southern area of the United States that deserves our recognition.  Miami-Dade county has an issue that is unique, and has happened elsewhere before, even recently, in which a board has to make a decision whether or not lacrosse will grace the blades of grass of the county again as a varsity sport or not.  A huge out pour of support has been shown, from what I have seen, from all over the USA, which is a great sight to see, and it is something I expected to see because sports has always been something that has helped children to remain on the right side of life, for the most part.  I did a little searching and noticed many parents expressing how well their children had been doing in school because of the sport because they were so much more focused with something to look forward in life.  Many would ask, how would this give them something to look forward in life?  Well, while Miami-Dade has it's ups and downs like any big county, the crime statistics I pulled from a few years ago are not very favorable for someone who doesn't have anything to do for a past-time after school.  Where to start, well, 240 murders in one year can't be good for anyone to go through, over 80,000 acts of larceny, over 17,000 acts of auto theft, need I go on?  Now can everyone see why all these parents and community members are pushing to keep all activities, especially lacrosse going?  So, now you ask, how can you help.  Glad you willing, as Miami-Dade County, and the lacrosse community will appreciate any kind words you send!

The ways you can help are listed as so, and all credit goes to James Palmieri (copied from CollegeLax to prevent any confusion and discrepancies):

Here are some ways you can help:

1. E-mail the school board members, and ask them to vote YES to adding lacrosse as a varsity sport:;;;;;;;;; Superintendent'

2. Join the facebook pages "Dade Wants Lacrosse" and "Miami-Dade Lacrosse" to stay up to date.

3. Like the page of School Board member Carlos Curbelo:!/page ... 9152353952
Post a comment about lacrosse and why it should continue to be a sport.

4. Forward this information on to others: team lists, friends, family, etc.

5. Join us at the school board meeting Wednesday June 15th at Noon at School Board Administration Building – 1450 NW 2 Ave.
(The schools have arranged for 5 buses to be available for transportation leaving from Tropical Park) Wear something white!

If you do decide to email ANY of the board members, PLEASE refrain from being disrespectful in every manner.  This is a SERIOUS issue and all precautions must be taken to preserve the integrity of these kids future!  Make sure any and all correspondence and entries to the board members are well thought out and are addressed accordingly in the most utmost respecting fashion.  If you are in the area, and are able to make it to this, please, by all means, go and show your support!

As always, if you ever need anything, feel free to email me at or shoot me a message @TheRealHag on Twitter.
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