Max McCool: Simple Polka Dot Fade Dye Job

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This is another simple dye job that involves the RIT colors Carolina Blue and Kelly Green. You'll need everything that you usually do to dye a head (boiling water, dye, etc), plus a hot glue gun.

To begin, put several round dots of hot glue on the middle of the head. Place the dots in the section that is the middle 1/3 of the stick.



Now dip your head 2/3 of the way into kelly green, reaching past all the spots of glue. Keep the head moving up and down, and don't stop until you have a nice smooth fade. Go to the farthest spot once, then dip it a half an inch from the farthest spot the next dip in. Another easy way to do it is to keep wiggling the head back and forth while you slowly pull it out.




When you're happy with the color, take it out and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Next, chip off the hot glue that's on there.


Add new spots to your head with the hot glue gun. Try to place the spots on the green or faded areas and avoid overlapping the spots that are white. This will help maintain some of the green and give you some green and faded spots, too.


When you have new spots, and they are dry, boil the water for your blue and do another smooth fade. Keep it moving, and only go to the deepest point once. Make sure to pass all the hot glue spots, and get a nice teal fade and carolina blue.


Once done, rinse off the head. When you're done, put in the freezer again, but leave it for 30 minutes this time. This will help the color stay. It also makes chipping off the hot glue a TON easier.



When you're done, you'll have a blue to teal to green fade, with white and green spots. This will also work well with blue and yellow, and yellow and red.



If you try this and like your result, or have a dye job of your own you are proud of, send it to us at
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Now I’M confused… you just asked how to do this dye under the TUTORIAL on how to do this dye. Check out the pictures, laxboy! (green)

Max McCool

Sorry I wasn’t paying attention what I meant was the dye you did on your evo pro but nevermind I found out.

I want to dye a head a black and blue polka dot fade with black on the bottom but would I rinse it after the black or would that lead to it being purple.


Mixing blue with black is risky if you are trying to avoid black. Hot water is your best friend to reach a true black, but if you leave it in the sun at all mixing it with blue will definately make it more likely to go purple. Your polka dots would go from black to white and from blue to white in the other direction, is that what you’re aiming for? Final answer: dye it blue first, then dye it black. Keep the water on the stove or over heat while you’re doing the black and a leave it in for 5 minutes longer than you think you need to. Then never leave it outside, always tuck it in a bag or something.

Max McCool


dead head

Now I get it.
Sweet tutorial


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