Mass Mesh 10 Diamond Review

Mass Mesh 10 Diamond Review

So it seems these days there’s a new wax mesh popping up every other month. Most I've felt are way too sticky and leave your hands feeling like you poured some Elmer’s over your hands. Mass mesh is now in my top two wax meshes for this reason, it doesn't feel like super glue, it’s not expensive and it definitely helps against water. I was excited to try this stuff out and really happy that I did now.

Break In Time 10 out of 10. This is slightly ridiculous to even bring it up, there is no break in time. The mesh is literally string and play quality without feeling like soft mesh. When I strung up a couple pieces of Mass Mesh I started to immediately throw hard passes and fakes. The mesh reacted just like perfectly broken in hard mesh, not to hard not to soft.

Hold 10 out of 10. Just enough hold here, still need a well strung pocket but with or without a tight channel the ball will still come out when you want it to, not when you don’t. I played through a couple hours of box with this threw some fakes and one handed dangle to get up the field a couple times without having to worry about losing the ball. At the same time when things got tight and I had to get the ball away quick my passes stayed on the same point as my normal really broken in Throne Mesh and white hard. At no point did I feel like I was getting low passes out of this mesh being too sticky.

Water Proofing 7 out of 10. For regular mesh I wouldn't really worry too much about this but wax mesh is known for being water proof and Mass Mesh does a pretty decent job. After stringing I ran the Mass Mesh through a sink to soak the mesh as if it was in a bad rain storm and it performed pretty well. I did find some inconsistency here sometimes it would whip like hard mesh can after losing it’s coating and breaking in, but not nearly as bad as soft mesh will. I do use a pretty deep bag so that may have been some of it but I have noticed most players still like a deep pocket so this could affect you a little bit but if you've learned to play with hard mesh you’ll be just fine with Mass Mesh.

Durability 8 out of 10. I feel that the lighter wax coating that I feel on here may wear off over time on Mass Mesh but at the same time that does feel like it would be 6-12 months down the line and not that big a deal. The mesh held up well under heat and cold, for those new to wax meshes some of them sort of “melt” making the mesh feel bad and whip horribly or in cold the wax almost swells and makes the ball just not feel right in the stick. The mesh doesn't feel thin like many of the new meshes do which still gives it a confident feeling since I have experienced ripping from some more well known meshes.

Looks 6 out of 10. This is a new mesh and the guys over at Mass are working hard to improve the brightness of their colors but for now the multicolored mesh I saw was slightly dull. I have full confidence with the quality of product Mass is putting out they will have no problem getting their colors to show a little stronger.

Overall Mass Mesh gets a 8.2 out of 10. Pretty solid and high quality product for a good price. If you’re looking to make a change over to a wax mesh to increase your hold on the ball without worrying about spending as much as you would on the head your putting it in, Mass Mesh is a great option in my opinion. I definitely will be keeping this in one of my sticks for some time to come.

NOTE Multicolored pieces of mesh are NOT legal in the US for youth and high school play.

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