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HomeField is featured as a new spark of genius on, which highlights a unique feature of startups. It is great to see a lacrosse company getting the recognition they deserve. Learn why their startup is on the move.

The rundown on HomeField:

HomeField is a platform for sports teams who want a way to store, exchange and review game film. Coaches can share video from practices or games with other coaches, fans and players across the country for study, or to show off a particularly great play or game.

HomeField has a number of different pricing plans. The free plan lets teams have 90 minutes of active video (that is, video that can be played back, shared and discussed) and 20 hours of archive video (video that is stored safely but can’t be played until made “active”). For $9.99 per month, teams can archive 100 hours of video, including HD video, and have three hours of active video. A $99 per month tier also exists for users that need to have tons of active video or extensive archives.

The Startup: HomeField Idea (Chapter 1) from Vadim Lavrusik on Vimeo.

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