Major League Lacrosse Partners with Adrenaline and LXM

Major League Lacrosse Partners with Adrenaline and LXM

Major League Lacrosse Partners with Adrenaline and LXM

BOSTON (Feb. 13, 2013)- Major League Lacrosse, the premier outdoor lacrosse league, announced today that it has partnered with the lacrosse apparel company, Adrenaline.

Adrenaline will be designated as an “Official Partner of Major League Lacrosse” and will provide certain sideline apparel to all MLL teams.  These licensed items will also be available to fans at retail with a product launch this spring.

Adrenaline, headquartered in San Diego, produces athletic wear, footwear, and accessories for fellow active enthusiasts and professional athletes. In becoming a partner with MLL, Adrenaline also becomes an official sock (non-exclusive), sideline hat (exclusive), and shooting shirt (exclusive) supplier of the League, providing MLL players with gear in the latest style and highest quality.

The partnership with Adrenaline also brings a partnership with their Adrenaline LXM PRO tour.   As part of this partnership MLL players will be allowed to compete in LXM events and LXM players will be allowed to participate in the MLL.

“This is another major step in unifying the sport of lacrosse and getting everyone to work as one to grow the sport”, said MLL Commissioner David Gross.  “Having Adrenaline as a league partner and creating an opportunity for lacrosse players to compete year round is a win for everyone involved. We have further decided to work with LXM on growing the game in markets where the MLL doesn’t have a presence. LXM will move their tour to the MLL offseason and will focus their events in markets where MLL does not currently have a presence.  MLL will work with LXM as it relates to selecting markets for tour events. This offseason (Sept 2014-March 2015) MLL players will be allowed to compete in LXM events if they so choose.  Current LXM players will have the opportunity to play MLL in the 2014 season as well.”

“This partnership between Adrenaline Apparel, Adrenaline LXM & The MLL is one that truly shows the spirit of cooperation that is taking hold within our sport,” said Adrenaline CEO Alex Cade.  “This positive movement is at the core of everything we are at Adrenaline.  After speaking with David Gross it was refreshing to hear firsthand the shared mutual appreciation and respect we shared for what each professional organization has done for the sport.  This partnership between the MLL and Adrenaline LXM is one that is inclusive in nature and provides top level professional athletes the freedom to play where they want, when they want, and how they want.  I can’t think of anything better for the sport than that.  I know that our art loft is already buzzing about the custom designed new release socks, shooting shirts and hats we are providing for the MLL and its athletes”

Together, all partners hope to further grow the sport of lacrosse by allowing players opportunities to play in both LXM events and the MLL. In efforts to do so, the organizations have ensured that neither of their events overlap in time or space, making field lacrosse more available around the clock and around the US.


About Adrenaline

Adrenaline Lacrosse is one of the most dynamic brands in lacrosse due to its multi-faceted and authentic nature.  Adrenaline’s apparel offers cutting edge team, performance, and lifestyle items, distributed in retailers nationwide representing the true core of lacrosse.  Adrenaline is dedicated to enacting a positive social change by utilizing the power of sports with its Awarenessprogram.  Also the largest lacrosse event provider in the nation, Adrenaline has properties including: the LXM PRO Tour, Training ProgramsRecruiting Programs, Adrenaline Starz ClubsTournamentsCamps and Leagues.  The Adrenaline Recruiting System features the #1 recruitment program, The Adrenaline BlackCard showcase, and boasts the nation’s top Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR). Adrenaline Starz is the largest club network in the sport, and includes the nationally ranked Adrenaline West Coast Starz Teams.  Adrenaline truly is All Fight No Flight.  Visit our website at or contact us at to find out more.
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