Machine Lacrosse Uniforms

Machine Lacrosse Uniforms

Machine Lacrosse is returning to the Salt Shakerz Invitational this Summer. Continuing with the Transportation theme from last years Subway Jerseys, Machine has created a Taxi themed uniform set for this year. The shorts feature a checkerboard and yellow Taxi Cab design, while the jerseys feature Travis Bickle (from "Taxi Driver") and Latka Gravas (from the Sit-com "Taxi.") The gear is available to order directly from Zebra Apparel, by following this link:

The Machine short is made exclusively for Machine players. The short has the "TAXI" design to match the reversibles and shorts. Made in Zebra soft Micro-fiber fabric, sides pockets with 2" waistband and drawlstring. Choose your size and number.

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