LXM Pro Tour's Samuel Adams

Being on the left coast, the LXM Pro Tour will introduce a great deal of newcomers to the sport, culture, and lifestyle. One of the added musical acts to the LXM is Samuel Adams. A former soccer player at Trinity College, Sam Adams is a lyrical mastermind. Being from the East he is quite familiar with lacrosse as mentioned in his latest single "I Hate College."

The irony of Samuel Adams playing the LXM Pro Tour is funny to think about because his lyrics suggest that he is not too fond of lacrosse players. Check out his lyrics from the second stanza of "I hate College," a remix of Asher Roth's "I love college."

It doesn't matter that he's timid towards lacrosse players. What does matter is the fact that, with the help of the LXM Pro Tour, lacrosse continues to be embraced by outside sources and LXM is a great opportunity to show the world what lacrosse and specifcally the players are all about.

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lxm is going to crush it. hollaaaa

love gun


C money

I can’t wait to see Sam Adams, kid has got flow and I’m not talking about a lax mullet!!


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