Los Banditos Dye Job, Uniform

Los Banditos Dye Job, Uniform

A fellow laxer, M. Britt, and I started discussing the concept of doing a Banditos theme for the indoor team that he plays on. My only comment about them is don't get in a shootout with anyone rocking those unis. Anyways, Britt sent me over a bunch of images that Striker Danger was working with in order to do there uniforms and I got to work.

He wanted to stick with three standard colors Red/Yellow/Black. I decided to include a little mini checkerboard patterns all over the head in different colors while at the same time including as much Banditos themed images as possible.

Everything was cut out by hand and I felt came out looking great. My favorite part of the head is the sunrise with the Banditos main logo at the top scoop. But honestly the little skeletons drinking, the barb wire, and the hand gun all came out looking great. The Banditos play in the MABLL indoor lacrosse league in Chantilly, VA along with a number of other teams including mine, the Legion of Doom, who will have a dye job revealed soon.

For question or comments email me at kingdyes49@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @49KingDyes for upcoming projects and sneak peaks of images.
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