Liam Banks launches LB3 St Louis

Atlanta, GA - LB3 Lacrosse has opened operations in St. Louis, Missouri. The expansion will involve new lacrosse opportunities for players in the St Louis area and an LB3 influx of elite coaching into two existing programs. LB3 has taken over operation of St Louis Metro Lacrosse and St Louis Kings Lacrosse. Kings and Metro have been operated by St Louis native Matt Prime, a close friend of LB3 Founder Liam Banks.

“It was time for me to pass along the torch. I know where I want to see my clubs go and I know Liam and his guys are the ones to take it there.” stated Prime “ I have been working at this for a while and I know these guys will take good care of what I built.”

When asked about his role going forward Prime said, “I’ll still be involved. I’ll still be a big part of it. Liam told me he wasn’t doing this unless I stayed with the program”

Banks, an All American player at Syracuse in his college days, says he is excited to bring LB3 Lacrosse to the St Louis area, “We’ve had a summer camp here for seven years and I have always thought St Louis would be a great place for our program. This is not something that just popped up out of nowhere. Matt and I have talked about LB3 getting more involved in St Louis lacrosse before but the time just wasn’t right. Now the time is right.” Banks added, “We have made a lot of good friends in the lacrosse community here in St Louis and I love the enthusiasm about the game. I can’t wait to get going.”

To that end LB3 will offer an instructional fall league which begins September 16th of this year. The league will combine instruction and competition to give players the chance to both develop their skills and compete in full lacrosse games. The league will feature coaching from Brian Silcott and John Zulberti as well as Banks himself. The girl’s league will include instruction from former Bryant University Head coach Karen Healy.

Silcott , the COO of LB3 as well as a former professional player and coach, says there will be more to come. “We’re in the final stages of hiring a full time General Manager to run LB3 St Louis. We plan to have boys and girls divisions and offer club teams, camps, tournaments, team training and lessons. Our LB3 Atlanta based coaches will pay regular visits to St Louis to train players and support coaches.”

Banks says that LB3 had its best summer yet in Atlanta and he be believes that the St Louis players are ready to make the same strides he has seen from his Atlanta kids. “The parents will notice. The kids around St Louis are ready to learn and we think our systems teach kids the right way to play. We will bring in a bunch of great coaches and give the kids here a fantastic opportunity to grow as players. We hope to become an important part of the continued growth of St Louis lacrosse.”

About LB3 Lacrosse
Founded in 2005 by former Syracuse University All American Liam Banks, LB3 Lacrosse offers outstanding lacrosse instruction, training and competition in a safe environment. LB3 focuses in quality instruction in the fundamental elements of player development with an unwavering commitment to sportsmanship and honoring the great game of lacrosse. LB3 we follows the Syracuse University motto of "Head, Heart, Hustle". LB3 Lacrosse can be found at
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