NLL Announces Video Game

National Lacrosse League commissioner George Daniel announced an agreement Wednesday between the league, Crosse Studio and Triple B games for the development of a new indoor lacrosse video game.

The game, titled NLL Lacrosse 2010, Presented by Reebok, is scheduled to be out as a $5 download for the Microsoft Xbox 360 platform on or around April 30. The game can be purchased for a one-time fee through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

"He's very passionate, he's visionary, he's entrepreneurial and we're very excited about partnering with him and his company in bringing an NLL game back to market," Daniel said of Sunseri, who also developed College Lacrosse 2010 also for download on Xbox 360.

Sunseri, himself, has said "the game looks twice as good as College Lacrosse 2010" and that "the gameplay is hard-hitting, high-tempo." What is also different from the previous indie game Sunseri developed is that it features all teams, jerseys, players in the league.

Take a look at the progression of lacrosse video games below. It is only natural that the new NLL game may take it to the next level.

Blast Lacrosse, which was released for Sony Playstation

College Lacrosse 2010, on Xbox LIVE.

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about time lax gets more games. hopefully EA will make one eventually. i know a lot of nonplayers would buy it.



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