LaxxTV is a Game Changer

LaxxTV is a Game Changer

Fans, parents, and players, we've found an additional outlet for watching live lacrosse games this season. Said outlet is LaxxTV! LaxxTV is offering two ways to watch live games streaming straight to your computer. You can buy an All-Access Pass or a Single Game pass for a very affordable price. Games offered include Division 1 teams all the way down to MCLA programs.

With the All-Access Pass you get access to all games broadcast via their professional setup for one year from purchase date. These games can be watched live or on replay as many times as you want.

Additionally, they'll have a number of programs who are going to be streaming their games through the site with single-camera setups. With an All-Access Pass you get access to all of those games on replay. The live, or Single Game, version is low-cost, but since many lacrosse fans will have games of their own, this will allow you to still enjoy the teams you love later.

LaxxTV's effort is focused around increasing awareness of the game, shine the light on programs who don't get the love from ESPN. We are very impressed with Laxx.TV and what they have to offer. Laxx.TV states:

Purchasing our All-Access Pass supports the future of lacrosse webcasting. LaxxTV is committed to providing lacrosse players, fans, and coaches with the opportunity to view webcasts now and into the future. We want to make lacrosse accessible to as many people as possible at a low cost.

View the tentative game schedule for 2012 right now by clicking here.
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