LaxxTV Announces 2013 Schedule

LaxxTV Announces 2013 Schedule

LaxxTV Announces 2013 Schedule

Richmond, VA – LaxxTV is proud to announce live professional webcast and replay coverage of the upcoming 2013 season. Including games from the MCLA & NCAA, LaxxTV is changing the way you follow lacrosse.

“After our first year, we are even more committed to giving fans more access to live & tape delay games throughout the United States which is why we selected these games.” Says co-founder Will Oakley. Oakley continued, “ We are excited to improve upon our coverage last year and continue to grow the game of lacrosse. Our setup will provide our users with a great user experience and allow them to see a wide variety of teams play.”

Full LaxxTV schedule.

These games will be available on the LaxxTV platform. In addition, LaxxTV is offering for teams to utilize the LaxxTV platform to stream their games to help provide their fans access to their games.

“We are continuing to provide teams and fans 24/7/365 access to high level lacrosse. “ says co-founder Panchito Ojeda. “We are excited about giving back to the game that gave us so much throughout our lives. Growing our sport through online media is our mission and we believe this ought to get us one step closer to accomplishing that mission.”

About LaxxTV

LaxxTV is changing the way you follow lacrosse by providing online streaming of games, access to all the news and information through its news aggregation and intuitive way to talk about pressing issues in lacrosse in the LaxxTV forums.

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