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Today we were lucky to talk with the founders of LaxPrax ( about their innovative training product. LaxPrax has self proclaimed "the best lacrosse rebounder for individual training." The lacrosse rebounder consists of a specially manufactured elastic cord stretching up to a length of thirty feet and then smoothly returns the ball so you can practice catching skills.The LaxPrax attaches to your own lacrosse stick using an extra strength velcro band and a premium swivel to ensure smooth and tangle free operation. LaxPrax fills us in on the innovative technology and the process it took to bring the product in to fruition.

Who is behind LaxPrax?

LaxPrax was founded by Greg Sommers, a high school lacrosse player. The company has grown to 3 employees including Greg. One employee is in charge of manufacturing and shipping, one is in charge of sales and customer service.

When did the idea for LaxPrax pop in to your head and how long has it been around?

Greg thought of the original idea in 2007, it took about a year to go through the patent process and to develop the product into a reliable training device. We began marketing and selling the product in 2008 and now have around a dozen retail outlets selling the product and a booming internet business. We have customers on three continents and just about every state in the United States.

How did it come into fruition? Did you find any challenges manufacturing the product or selling them in retail?

There were several challenges in manufacturing the product. We needed to find reliable cord manufacturer to insure that the product has the right amount of rebound to simulate actual lacrosse game playing, as well as being resilient enough to withstand daily training from serious lacrosse players. The sales side of the business has been easy. Our customers love playing and training with the LaxPrax. They typically find it to be more versatile than a lax wall, allowing them to use one product for a huge variety of training exercises and skills. At a standard price of under $25, it is a no-brainer for our customers to use the LaxPrax instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a lax wall. Additionally, there is no need to spend additional money on dozens of lacrosse balls, and when you done practicing, you don't have to spend a lot of time finding and gathering your lacrosse balls.

It's hard not to notice all the varying sizes and skill settings. How does one figure out which LaxPrax Rebounder is best for him?

There are three main sizes of LaxPrax trainers. The Junior version is for ages 5-9, the Advanced is for ages 10-14 and the Pro is for ages 15 and above. We also have specific products for defensemen, goalkeepers, stickhandling practice, shooting, groundball training and for faceoff specialists. All of our products are available for Men or Women. There is a simple chart on our website that allows customers to pick the right product for their age and skill level.

What in particular makes LaxPrax better than any other training tool out there on the market?

LaxPrax is the best training product on the market for many reasons. The primary one is the variety of exercises that are available to build lacrosse skills and increase hand-eye coordination. Players can use the LaxPrax for passing, catching, scooping and shooting. The big advantage is that you can practice anywhere. You don't need to stand stationery in front of a lax wall, all our drills can be done while running and dodging, just like in an actual lacrosse game. Also, you can bring the LaxPrax with you wherever you go. You can bring it to practice, games, vacation or just use it at your house. When you take into account the cost of a lax wall, or the time to drive to a brick wall, plus the expense of dozens of balls needed to train when you don't have a LaxPrax, the advantage is obvious.

What type of feedback have you received from consumers?

Our customers are enthusiastic about the LaxPrax. It is versatile, cost efficient and most importantly, much more fun than training while standing stationery in front of a lax wall. Many of our customers have purchased one for themselves and then after they try it, they purchase additional products as gifts or for teammates to practice with.

Can pro athletes take their game to the next level with LaxPrax?

Absolutely, we have been told by several players that there are many drills that take 2 or 3 teammates to execute and hundreds of lacrosse balls in buckets that now can be done by a player practicing on their own. They can use the LaxPrax to serve the ball to themselves and then practice shooting, quick stick, dodges and shots without the need for anyone else to be there to help them train.

What is the feature that kids should look forward to the most?

For kids, the feature that is the most beneficial is that it is fun to train with the LaxPrax. Because it is fun, they are more likely to spend time practicing and consequently, their skills build faster. Most coaches will tell players, the more time with the stick in your hand, the better you will be. With the LaxPrax it is easy to spend lots of time practicing because it is fun to use. Also, there is no wasted time having to chase down and recapture lacrosse balls that are all over the field after just a few minutes of practice time. With the LaxPrax, the ball is always within reach of your stick. Also, the versatility of the product allows players to move easily from one drill to the next. You can practice passing, catching, shooting, scooping and stickhandling, all with one product. You never get bored with the LaxPrax, so you use it more often and get better quickly.

Anything new on the horizon for LaxPrax?

We are always looking to create new products for our customers. We have several in mind, if players stay current with our website; they will be able to see our new products as we bring them to market. Also, we are expanding to more retail outlets, if people would like to stock the LaxPrax in their retail stores they can reach us at
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at first, i overlooked it. but it’s actually not a bad idea. kudos


own one. love it. perfect for indoors too. i shortened my cord.


I could mess wit that


Just order one. I will give a full review ASAP.

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