LaxPrax to donate portion of revenue to Red Cross Haiti Relief

LaxPrax, a lacrosse training tool that attaches to your stick to help improve stick skills (see demo here), will be donating a portion of all Internet sales to the Red Cross Haitian Relief Effort. Read the full press release from LaxPrax below.

En lieu of a record-breaking earthquake that hit the small Caribbean nation of Haiti last week, LaxPrax LLC has acted swiftly in doing their part: The company will donate $3.00 of every online-order to a Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund.

LaxPrax LLC produces the premier lacrosse-rebounder training product in existence. The company was founded in West Chester County, New York and also has operations in Los Angeles. LaxPrax LLC is an affiliate of the Starz Foundation.

The funds will be used by the Red Cross to supply food, clean water, medical aid and general support to the Haitian people, many of whom were displaced in the aftermath.

As reported by The National, the vast majority of the Haitian population lives on under $2 per day. “We are not donating money for any other reason than it being the right thing to do. A common misconception in these situations is that your donation won't make a difference or won't reach the destination -- every little bit counts. We will do our part, and I hope that will inspire others to do the same,” said Co-Owner Maxwell Ritz.

The earthquake has caused immeasurable damage to a nation already in despair. “This is a catastrophe, but when the dust settles I believe this disaster will stand as a call-to-action bringing widespread attention to the risks of letting a nation exist insuchfinancial and structural discord,” said Ritz.

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