Lax World Announces Summer 2012 Catalog

Lax World Announces Summer 2012 Catalog

Lax World, the authority in lacrosse equipment & lacrosse apparel, announces their online summer catalog in time for lacrosse camps, clinics & more. The Baltimore-based retailer with 12 stores in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado and Virginia offers their collection of lacrosse sticks, protective equipment, apparel and gear online for shoppers anywhere.

Some new highlights to this year’s catalog includes a sleek new collection of lacrosse helmets by Warrior Lacrosse. The Warrior TII Carbon Fiber Helmet offers a modern aesthetic with performance engineering. Large air vents allow for improved airflow, along with a lightweight design gives players superior protection without sacrificing speed or comfort.

Warrior’s new helmets were worn this year by MCLA Champions Colorado State and NCAA Division 3 Champions Salisbury, Division 2 Champions Dowling and first-time Division 1 Champions Loyola University.

The Greyhounds were also honored by Lax World with commemorative Loyola Greyhounds National Championship T-Shirts.

As lacrosse season has dwindled down and the summer offseason approaches on the collegiate and high school level, Lax World looks to continue their support of youth lacrosse in their annual tour of lacrosse camps and tournaments across the country.

The world’s largest specialty lacrosse store, Lax World has equipped individuals and teams in one of the fastest growing sports on the youth, prep, college, and professional levels. Lax World’s summer catalog includes old favorites as well as the latest and greatest lacrosse gear from trusted manufacturers like Warrior, STX, Brine, Under Armour Lacrosse, Nike Lacrosse, and more.

About Lax World:
Lax World is the largest Lacrosse Specialty store on the planet. Since 1998, Lax World boasts the world’s largest collection of lacrosse shafts, heads, helmets, shoes, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves & more.
Lax World equipment bears the names of trusted manufacturers like Warrior, Brine, STX, Cascade, Maverik, Nike, Under Armour and many more – including their own collection of Lax World products.
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