Lax Style Roundup: Must Have Items

Lax Style Roundup: Must Have Items

Lax Style Roundup: Must-Have Items

Playing lacrosse on the field gives you the privilege of living a lacrosse lifestyle off the field. You want to rep your sport while keeping it stylish for the babes. So what's “the look?” What gear should you wear? Of course, go ahead and wear what's comfortable, that's all well and good. But, if you want some tips on how to dress to impress while subtly showing off your athletic ability and love for the best sport on Earth, check out a few of these stylish must-have items below.

Convertible Shorts

These classic-fitting shorts, as seen on have the performance fit, structure and breathability that create unfounded fit and comfort for all shorts-wearing occasions. Perfect for any spring or summer occasion, the classroom, on the field, BBQs and even in the hot tub after a party. With water-activated patterns appearing when wet, and quick-drying technology, your shorts will literally transform back into their original color in under 20 minutes.

Under-Armour Alter Ego Shirts

These Under Armour Alter Ego concepts shirt provide the ultimate base layer for the hero inside. Ultra-light, second-skin fit helps keep muscles fresh and recovery time down. Great for workouts, the gym or any situation where you feel like sporting your inner-hero. Available in Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk and Batman (2).

Customizable Party Shades: Yeah Buddy!

The future is now, and it lies in these sunglasses. At a reasonable price with detachable arms, these stylish sunglasses will literally change your life. Perfect for wearing a night. If you're normally four-eyes-stylin', we'd recommended wearing these non-prescriptions shades paired with contacts. It's way easier to replace non-rx sunglasses, while at the same time finding contact lenses online (and we all know shades sometimes go missing or will break during a great party). But these are your lucky shades. So they will never break.

Laxology Lacrosse Bracelets

Dope-a$$ sh1t. Made out of sidewall string, these bracelets show your friends you play lacrosse, while offering a great conversation starter with the ladies. More comfortable than a clunky watch, less hippy than a leather bracelet. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.

New Balance Revlite 574 Shoe and Accessories to Match

These shoes are hot. New Balance, known for their stylish integrity, brings you a retro take on its classic 574 model. With extra support in the midsole and a leather upper providing some extra swagger, you can go anywhere in these shoes.

Ditto Dude HeadWrapz Limited Edition iPhone Covers

If the name didn't sell you, we don't know what will. These iPhone covers come in four sleek colors, and will protect your phone from sharks, monster trucks, and clingy ex-girlfriends. You mad, bro? Get one of these iPhone covers and be mad no mo'.


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