Lax Stache Madness VI Grows Record Breaking $122,000

Holmes, PA – On Monday, December 8th, Lacrosse Mustache Madness (LMM) founder Ken Clausen proudly announced that the fall fundraising campaign in support of the HEADstrong Foundation™ (HF™) raised a record breaking $122,000, shattering the previous record of $108,000 set in 2013.   “Words cannot even begin to convey our excitement or our gratitude to everyone who was involved this year.  Lax Stache Madness continues to make history and over the past 6 weeks we have seen so many amazing acts of generosity and support for HEADstrong and those affected by cancer.  Teams were determined to make a difference, the competition, creativity and originality exuded by our participants this year was simply incredible.  We wish to congratulate all of our participants and hope that everyone enjoys their victory shave.” said Ken Clausen, LMM founder   This year, Rich Moses of HEADstrong Lax Texas captured the coveted Stache trophy raising $10,917.00.  Moses, who serves as Program Director for the HEADstrong Lacrosse Club of Texas was relentless in his efforts and led the individual fundraising category by over $6,000.   Over 52 fundraising teams grew for the cause this year but it was the Friends of University of Delaware Men’s Lacrosse anchored by legendary Men’s Lacrosse Coach and Lax Stache Hall of Famer Bob Shillinglaw who made Lax Stache history raising a record breaking $26,917.26.   Final Top 10 Individual Fundraisers

First Last Total Raised
Rich Moses $10,917.00
Dean Roseman $4,735.00
Elijah Conte $4,482.77
Ben Kaminow $3,650.00
Jeff Marshall $2,993.00
Bill Yinger $2,850.00
Graham & John Driscoll $2,125.00
Tyler Mardian $2,070.00
Jackson Finigan $2,009.00
Reyn Owen $1,900.00

Final Top 10 Fundraising Teams

Fundraising Team Total Raised
Friends of University of Delaware Men's Lacrosse $26,791.27
HEADstrong Lax Texas $13,931.00
Friends of University of Richmond Men's Lacrosse $10,030.25
HEADstrong Atlanta $8,160.00
Friends of Harvard Lacrosse $7,694.32
No Team $6,399.99
Friends of Princeton University Men's Lacrosse $5,513.17
Friends of Syracuse Lacrosse $5,240.00
Friends of Virginia Lacrosse $3,665.00
Friends of The University of Tampa Lacrosse $3,425.00

“Congratulations to both Rich Moses and the Friends of University of Delaware Men’s Lacrosse for their relentless efforts over the past 6 weeks.  We are all winners today in the fight against cancer.  It is amazing to think that we have raised over $500,000 since the campaigns inception in 2009.” said Clausen   “On behalf of the HEADstrong Foundation™, we wish to thank everyone who participated, contributed to or sponsored Lacrosse Mustache Madness this year.  $122,000 is an incredible achievement and the funds raised will be instrumental in allowing us the ability to strengthen our commitment to cancer patients and families.  We wish to sincerely thank Ken Clausen, Rebecca Vozzo, our sponsors, partners and all of those who were involved this year.” Cheryl Colleluori, HEADstrong President and Nick’s Mom.   Please visit to learn about how HEADstrong is changing the game for those affected by cancer.
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