Lax Stache Madness Grows Past $83,000 In Week 4, $27,000 Away From Goal

Holmes, PA – With less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and 3 weeks remaining in the competition, Lax Stache Madness stands just $27,000 away from hitting the $110,000 fundraising goal.  With 100 new fundraisers added this week and over $28,000 raised, Week 4 has been one for the record books.  Thus far, over 463 growers, representing 52 fundraising teams have helped raise $83,204, which is $34,000 more than last year at this time.


While the leader board is starting to take shape, there are several teams poised for a serious push in the competition this upcoming week.  Over the years participants have deployed several fundraising strategies late in the game including last year’s champion Matt Walters who did not join the Madness until the 2nd week of November.  Lax Stache Madness plans to announce several contests this week to further motivate participants in hopes of shattering their fundraising goal.  Click here to support by making a pledge of any denomination to Lax Stache Madness.  Below is a list of Week 4 winners.  There is still plenty of time to get growing and you can register for free today at


Stache of The Week – Most Creative Stache

Tom Holland – Friends of University of Delaware Men’s Lacrosse – Chest Stache


Best Lax Stache Fundraising Team Picture

Friends of Marquette University Men’s Lacrosse


Largest Incremental Gain (11/14-11/16)

Rich Moses - $500.00

Elijah Conte - $427.00

Zach Runberg - $300.00

Beau Jones - $275.00

Matt Marone - $250.00

Gage Sanders - $250.00

Tommy Yoviene - $220.00

Stephen DeLargy - $200.00

Tim Lyons - $175.00

Coach Jernstedt - $150.00


Top 10 Individual Fundraisers

Rich Moses - $7,316.00

Dean Roseman - $4,700.00

Ben Kaminow - $3,350.00

Elijah Conte - $3,057.00

Tyler Mardian - $1,970.00

Ryan Bonomi - $1,885.25

Morgan Cheek - $1,650.00

Jackson Finigan - $1,625.00

Graham & John Driscoll - $1,400.00

Jeff Marshall - $1,360.00


Top 10 Fundraising Teams

Friends of University of Delaware Men’s Lacrosse - $18,439.27

Friends of University of Richmond Men’s Lacrosse - $9,495.25

HEADstrong Texas - $9,326.00

Friends of Harvard Lacrosse - $6,539.32

Friends of Princeton University Men’s Lacrosse - $4,758.17

Friends of Syracuse Lacrosse - $4,640.00

No Team - $4,504.99

HEADstrong Atlanta - $4,110.00

Friends of University of Tampa Lacrosse - $2,865.00

Harrisburg Lacrosse - $1,700.00


Lacrosse Mustache Madness™ is a charity campaign uniting the lacrosse community in support of the HEADstrong Foundation™.  This interactive, online driven fundraiser encourages lacrosse teams and players to grow or draw on mustaches of any imaginable shape or size and use them to raise money for the cause.  HEADstrong Foundation™ is a 501(c)(3) committed to being a resource for cancer patients and families, helping them to navigate the harrowing ordeal of cancer by providing essential programs and services to improve quality of life.
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