Lax for Leogane (Haiti)

The earthquake in Haiti shattered lives and uprooted people from their homes. It was a tragic occurrence and affected people all over the world. The Shipley School Boy's Lacrosse team in Pennsylvania is encouraging people to donate this Spring. Donations can be as small and as big as you see fit, but they are suggesting that you donate $1 per goal scored this season.

And if a business/person agrees to donate a dollar per goal, they will make sure they know that it's at a max of $200 for the season, that way they know exactly how much the most they would have to donate would be. Even if they score 250 goals, they will only ask for $200 dollars from the business/person. Lacrosse Unlimited and LPG have already joined the cause.

Please read the Press Release below and join their Facebook Event.

The Shipley School Boys' Lacrosse team is asking businesses and companies to donate $1 for every goal they score this season at a max donation of $200 per donor. They are also accepting smaller donations from individuals who would like to contribute.

We will be working with Madame Linda Flippo, lower school French teacher and first responder, who was in Haiti for 10 days immediately after the quake as a surgical translator. These donations will be going directly to help support the people of Leogane, a small community 25 miles west of Port-au-Prince, and the town nearest to the epicenter of the quake.

Here are some things to think about:
25-30 American dollars can help one Haitian child attend school for a year.
ONE iodine pill at 20-25 cents per pill can purify up to 35 gallons of disease infested water. One goal scored by our team can purify 4,200 gallons of water.

If you are interested in being a dollar donor or just donating a small amount, we would be eternally grateful and so would the people of Leogane.

With your donation, you will be updated weekly on our goal totals, as well as be the recipients of any photos, stories or anecdotes of hope that Madame Flippo will be passing along as she prepares to travel to, and return from, Haiti once again.

All donors will be recognized publicly as well as invited to our BBQ for Haiti, with food, games and lots of lacrosse being played all day.

Contact Travis McDonnell at (215) 316-1727 or if you'd like more information, or if you'd like to donate.

"Unity makes for Strength"
Haitian National Motto
Shipley Lacrosse Team Motto

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