Lax Artist: Tommy Johnson

Having grown up in Baltimore, Maryland Tommy Johnson is using his childhood influences and experiences from playing lacrosse at Calvert Hall and Loyola College to create masterpieces. Tommy Johnson may have been a defensive specialist known for delivering bone crushing hits on the field, but ironically it’s his subdued side that enthralls his life these days in Pacific Palisades, California. Not only is Tommy a remarkable painter, but he is also creatively involved with an upcoming movie, Warrior. Warrior is a movie that revolves around lacrosse which is set to release in the spring of 2010 featuring Twilight star Kellan Lutz.

Of late, Tommy has been involved with a number of other side projects. One being skateboards. Tommy’s latest project consists of fusing lacrosse with the Cali lifestyle. You might wonder how this concept can become a reality, but to Tommy it was simple. “As an artist, I have created so many things,” Tommy Johnson states. “Living in Pacific Palisades, CA, I see the kids riding skateboards with their lax sticks in hand. To me they go hand and hand. But remember I grew up in Maryland. I wanted to make the first Lacrosse board, and there it is.”

laxart board logo side

The painting on the back of the skateboard is of the Tewaaraton, Native American. The Tewaaraton Foundation commemorates the top female and male lacrosse players at the collegiate level while also paying homage to the steep history of Native American Tradition. Tommy exclaims that he loves working with the “Tewaaraton Foundation, because they do such an amazing job that I wanted to start there with the first board.”


Tommy Johnson will be teaming up with pro skater Arto Saari and will have a series of AWESOME boards coming out by next spring. Tommy also adds that they will be affordable for the kids given this economy we live in.

For more information on Tommy’s art and other products visit his gallery here.

You can also find information on the Tewaaraton Foundation by clicking here.
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