Lavin Lacrosse to Offer Complete Line of Cascade Helmets in 2011

Minneapolis, MN, December, 2010 -- Cascade Sports, the worlds leader in lacrosse helmet manufacturing, and Lavin Lacrosse, a specialty lacrosse retailer in the suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul, have agreed to terms where Lavin Lacrosse will now offer the entire line of Cascade lacrosse helmets for the 2011 season and beyond.

Cascade is the worlds leader in lacrosse helmet manufacturing. Lavin Lacrosse, a specialty lacrosse retailer since 2007, provides local players, teams, and organizations with lacrosse equipment and supplies.

Lavin Lacrosse owner Jesse Schelitzche is thrilled about the new partnership with Cascade Sports. "Cascade has been a major innovator in lacrosse, their products speak for themselves." Having built a reputation as a successful team supplier and retailer, Schelitzche believes the addition of Cascade is a very big step for the business and lacrosse in Minnesota. "We've worked hard to provide the best products and service to all of our customers. Whether it's one player who needs a new helmet or an entire team looking to get outfitted, we take care of them and make sure they are happy with their purchase."

Lavin Lacrosse will have the entire line of helmets (for mens lacrosse) and goggles (for womens lacrosse) beginning December 20, 2011.

Lavin Lacrosse has been a specialty retailer since 2007 providing the best in lacrosse equipment, accessories, and knowledge to customers at every level.

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