LacrosseWax Gear Review

LacrosseWax Gear Review

So, with the raging about wax mesh pieces LaxWax has come on the scene to help out those looking for some grip for their current mesh without having to restring. The application to this product is not too difficult, but is slightly similar to putting on sunscreen, getting an even coat is not really guaranteed. I tried a couple different ways to apply Laxwax so I’ll go over each with some detail.

PRE-STRUNG 5 out of 10: I used LaxWax already strung into an Easton Eon with semi hard mesh. I liked how it was throwing, but could use a little extra grip. I say that just so you know it wasn't the stick here but when I applied the LaxWax pre-strung it was slightly difficult to ensure a good coating so probably not my preferred method of use. I first used it immediately after applying the wax and it felt like a gluey wax mesh that would cost far more. Some people really enjoy these meshes and for them LaxWax could really be a great idea to save some cash. I then burned the wax in similar to how companies that make wax meshes would apply a more fluid form of wax, this time I felt like I lost most of the hold on the ball. I was pretty surprised but the release was quicker even though I did lose some hold. Those who use a low pocket could really find this useful.

PRE-APPLIED and THEN STRUNG 7 out of 10: Overall pre-applying LaxWax is the way to go here if you want a solid even coat. I was able to efficiently get wax across the whole piece of mesh much easier this way and apply the coating to both sides of the mesh with little difficulty. I went through the same testing with this method that I did with a pre-strung, but I used soft mesh since that is the kind of mesh most companies use before application of their coatings. When I played without burning in, it still felt very sticky and held the ball just a little too long for my taste, but when burned in the LaxWax again just made my release quicker, but at the cost of some hold. Stringing your stick after applying LaxWax will leave heavy residue on your hands, but that can always be washed off.

Other Applications 3 out of 10. Lax Wax suggests multiple uses for their wax but honestly I wouldn't apply this to my shaft or gloves. I don’t like the feel of glue on my stick or my gloves. For some people this may be an appealing idea, but not for me.

Overall, LaxWax is getting a 5 out of 10. It’s a cool idea and easy application product but for me it is sort of a stand in for products like Throne and Mass mesh when you don’t have time to make an order. The product itself is high quality and for many people this may be something worth giving a shot.

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