Site Redesign: Purchase and Wishlist Buttons Site Redesign: Purchase and Wishlist Buttons

By now, you've been able to navigate our site's redesign. It is our third redesign and we're really proud of it. We're going to introduce you to the new features in a few short posts for the next two weeks. Get familiar.

You may have noticed two new buttons we added this week. We've implemented the two buttons to make it easier for our readers to pinpoint a product in a store and buy it. They eliminate extra time and effort tremendously. Soon you'll become accustom to finding the buttons without hesitation.

The first button is the "Purchase" button. This click-thru will take you to the online retailer who carries the item in question. It is a no-fuss, no-muss alternative to fooling around with a search engine.

The second button is the most exciting one, the "Add to Wishlist" button. So you love the product at hand, but don't have the funds or time to purchase it. The easy solution is to click "Add to Wishlist." Subsequently, the product will be stored in your user account for you to glance at whenever you choose. The Wishlist is perfect for storing your favorite items without having to remember them in your head. For instance, your Birthday is around the corner and loved ones have asked you what you want. Nothing comes to mind, but, oh wait, you have the trusty Wishlist to go back to.

The buttons will appear at the bottom of posts on our homepage. Once you have clicked through to the next page you'll see them at the top of the post.
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