Lacrosse The Pond's Open Letter to Coaches and Players

Lacrosse The Pond's Open Letter to Coaches and Players

Lacrosse The Pond's Open Letter to Coaches and Players

Hello Coach

I hope this finds you well and lacrosse and life are all in a good groove. I wanted to share a new endeavor with you that we would like you to share with your team, particularly your Junior and Senior (5th year) classes.

LACROSSETHEPOND is a company that provides everything for lacrosse players to earn a masters degree on England’s one-year masters program, while competing on one of the UK’s University lacrosse teams.

Last year, our pilot year, was a massive success. All the kids on the program are set to graduate and all have had a really great experience. They have all become part of the local lacrosse landscape as well as fixtures on their university teams. Some have got heavily involved in coaching whilst others have just enjoyed playing. One highlight has been Alex and David, two teammates who came over on the program together and have helped the Exeter lacrosse team to their best season ever knocking off the #2 school in the country.

This year we are looking to build on the success of last year on the men’s program and pilot a women’s program. We would love you to pass on this info to your team.

All the details about how Lacrosse the pond make this opportunity a reality for graduates are on our website:

We take applicants step by step through the application process and organise all the practical details of their stay. We also provide a full support network for our students while they are in the UK. A quick snapshot of some of our serivces are below:

• Advice on the post graduate education system in the UK
• Advice on what university and course best suits them
• Application on behalf of the student to UK institutions
• Applying for visa
• Booking flights
• Finding and securing accommodation in the UK
• Providing ancillary support with such things as a phone and banking support
• Provision of a mentor for the entire duration of the stay
• Team travel opportunities

If you or anyone else has questions, then please reach out to any of us for details, we would love to talk to you;


The Entire LTP Team
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